Army Fitness Test References

Below are the current official and unofficial Army Combat Readiness Test  and Army PRT References

Official References, All of these references are updated current as of Sep 2018.

Army Combat Fitness Test Testing Manual – Manual for the phase 1 ACFT

ACFT Gear List – Official gear list for running the ACFT

The Below references are taken from the Official Army Doctrine Website

Download FM7-22 Army Physical Readiness Training (Oct 2012): This FM is the Primary Reference for developing soldier fitness. Of Note Chapter A-1 contains the APFT procedures

Download DA Form 705-2 (May 2010): This form contains the current score card and APFT Scoring standards

Download AR 600-9 Army Body Composition Program (June 2013): The Army Weight Control Program, Contains official Height and Weight Standards. – Official APFT Standards

Unofficial Army Fitness Reference – Height and Weight, standards and Calculator