Buy Gear for the Army Combat Readiness Test

Below is the list of equipment required to successfully complete the Army Combat Readiness Test. I have looked through Amazon and have tried to find the best prices on these items. If you find an item cheaper on Amazon please let me know through feedback.


40 LB Kettle Bells for the Sprint/Drag/Carry
Dead Lift Bar for the Dead Lift Event
10 LB Medicine Ball for the Standing Power Throw
Bumper Plates for the Dead Lift and Sprint/Drag Carry
Sled for the three event Sprint/Drag/Carry 4 Person Pull up bar for the Leg Truck
The PT Uniform is required for all Events


In total, all the above equipment for the Army’s Combat Readiness Test comes to a cool $3000.00 I am currently working with two fitness distributors to offer a package deal and cut the price significantly. Please contact me below if you are interested in purchasing.