You Can’t Destroy my Ball Guarantee!

We are the only Fitness Company with a 100% Can’t crush my ball Guarantee!

My medicine balls are truly indestructible! I guarantee that no matter what you do to my medicine balls you will not damage them. Run them over with a tank, howitzer, or APC, and if you damage my balls in any way I will send you a free replacement. If there is no damage I’ll send you a free T-Shirt.


Terms and Conditions:

Read carefully before you shoot these with a 50cal, drop napalm on the balls, or hit it with a claymore mine.

  • You must purchase a medicine ball through this website using the online ordering system or through a purchase order.
  • You must take a picture or video of you attempting to damage the medicine ball.
  • Post the picture or video to social media with a link to
  • Send me a picture. If there is damage I’ll send you a new ball, if not I’ll send you a free t-shirt